As a time-bound initiative with an ambitious goal, FP2020 places great emphasis on measuring progress, and from its inception has been committed to leading a transformation in the global monitoring of family planning data through a measurement and learning agenda.

The FP2020 measurement and learning agenda aims to improve the infrastructure and capacity for generating higher quality data for decision making. Working toward more frequent, improved, and aligned measurement of progress, FP2020 produces annual, internationally comparable estimates on different dimensions of family planning across the focus countries. Commitment making countries annually produce national estimates and review national and subnational data to shed light on where gains are being made, where efforts should be reinforced, where investments will have the most impact, and where more data and information are needed.

Our aim is that the FP2020 Core Indicators and data in this report will spark productive conversations about what needs to be done differently, and inspire action that accelerates progress to more fully meet women’s and couples’ family planning needs.

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