This report would not be possible without the contributions and support of numerous organizations and individuals who are true champions of voluntary, rights-based family planning—and the foundation on which the FP2020 partnership is built. The spirit of collaboration that characterizes this sector is the engine of the progress FP2020 Momentum at the Midpoint 2015–2016 seeks to highlight.

We wish to thank our core conveners, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the UK Department for International Development, the United Nations Population Fund, and the United States Agency for International Development, for their leadership, vigilance, and deep engagement. We also wish to thank our host institution, the United Nations Foundation—especially President and CEO Kathy Calvin—for constant support, guidance, and hospitality.

For their immense expertise and rich analytical insights, we are deeply grateful to Emily Sonneveldt, Michelle Weinberger, Jessica Williamson, and Priya Emmart of Track20 and Avenir Health, and to the entire Track20 team. The expert guidance of the members of the Performance Monitoring and Evidence Working Group is critical to FP2020 measurement efforts, and we are grateful for their generous inputs to the progress report. Our great appreciation also goes to the Kaiser Family Foundation and Countdown 2030 Europe for their invaluable data and analysis, and to John Stover of Avenir Health for his innovative work in tracking family planning expenditures.

FP2020 Momentum at the Midpoint 2015–2016 was written by Suzanne Scoggins and Jason Bremner, with the collaboration of the entire FP2020 and Track20 teams. While many provided input, Sesi Aliu, Rati Bishnoi, Kelly Dudine, Sandra Jordan, Socorro Lopez, Sarah Meyerhoff, Eva Ros, Martyn Smith, Emily Sullivan, and Elise Walter deserve special mention for their many contributions to brainstorming, content, graphics, and launch plans. Beth Schlachter and Lauren Wolkoff oversaw the creation of the report.

Many thanks to Vanessa Saba for her expert and graceful graphic design and art direction, to Melina Kolb and Cynthia Breckenridge for their skilled data visualization, to Hybrid Design for digital design and development, to Dual Graphics for printing, and to Bartley Robbs Communications for media support.

We would be remiss if we did not acknowledge the tremendous contributions of Monica Kerrigan, who served as senior advisor to FP2020 through February of 2016 and who has been an enthusiastic and dedicated champion from the beginning. We hope to embody her spirit of “positive disruption” in all that we do.

This report is dedicated with warmth and gratitude to Jagdish Upadhyay, who retired this year from UNFPA. Jagdish spent his career as a tireless advocate for women and girls everywhere, and his work has been instrumental in getting us to this point.